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Are you looking for parts and accessories for your car in Seminole? Then look no further. Our parts department here at Seminole Chevrolet GMC exclusively sources OEM parts and accessories that cater to your vehicle needs to ensure you maintain peak performance. Whether you want a regular maintenance service, a brake pad replacement, or even a new grille to improve your car's appearance, count on our parts department for quality parts and accessories. Find out more about OEM parts and accessories, their warranty coverages, and how you can purchase them from our dealership. 

What are OEM Parts?

OEM parts are Original Equipment Manufacturer parts that car manufacturers specially craft for cars, trucks, and SUVs models. For example, General Motors designs parts for the Chevrolet and GMC models. The OEM parts include ACDelco and GM Genuine Parts. These comprise all car parts from either the powertrain, the engine, or electronic parts. OEM parts should match perfectly with your car, so you don't have to worry about any misfits. Besides, they also come with manufacturer warranty coverage.

Our parts request form can make your parts search easy. You can key in your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to identify and source the make, model, and year for the replacement part or accessory you seek. Within a short order processing period, you'll have your new OEM parts. If you desire accessories, check out our accessories section and input your VIN or vehicle's make, model, and year, then browse the accessory options available. 

Why Should You Buy OEM Parts?

Other than being a perfect match for your vehicle, OEM parts offer the following benefits:

  • Quality: Buying OEM parts, guarantees high-quality and peak vehicle performance because of their excellent quality material, similar to the one used on your car when it was brand new. 
  • Availability: OEM parts are typically well-stocked in our parts center, but if it isn't available at a particular time, you can place an order, and our technicians will handle the placement in no time.
  • Warranty: OEMs also come with different warranty coverages to assure you of their quality and durability. 

OEM Warranty

Manufacturers include different warranties for most OEM parts based on the purposes they serve on your car. Here are some warranties you can find on OEMs: 

24-Month/Unlimited-Mile Limited Warranty

The 24-month warranty covers most of our Service Replacement Parts, including labor, ACDelco and GM Genuine Parts. If a technician from a GM dealership such as ours installs the part, then this warranty includes:

  • GM Original Equipment Brakes Rotors: Improve braking through the metal discs on the wheel hub, where the caliper presses the brake pads against the rotor disc surfaces to slow the vehicle.
  • GM Genuine Parts Original Equipment Light Duty Alternators: These parts supply your electrical systems with continuous power and charge the battery as the engine runs.
  • Professional Brakes by ACDelco: They enhance your overall safety and assist you in smooth braking. 
  • GM OE & Gold (Professional) Emission Control: You can manage your emissions using our emission components, O-2 sensors, fuel injectors, and control modules.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

When you order certain service parts from us, GM warrants replacing these specific Genuine GM/ACDelco parts for all manufacturer defects, including 24 months of labor. Parts covered by this warranty include:

  • Chassis Parts: Components such as the Gold (Professional) Center & Drag Links have a corrosion-resistant coating and undergo extreme impact, wear, and fatigue testing for quality and durability. 
  • Fuel Pumps-Electronic: Electronic fuel pumps offer durability and can cut down to and fro trips to replace the fuel pump at a dealership. 
  • Radiators: Cool your engine with our radiators and condensers that use state-of-the-art GM technology to facilitate quicker engine cooling. 

12-Month/Unlimited Warranty

GM offers a 12-month/unlimited-mile coverage period, including labor, on these select ACDelco Replacement Parts: 

  • Silver (Advantage) Pitman Arms: They increase stability by providing a stable pivot point with minimal friction on the chassis connecting your vehicle's steering gear to the steering linkage.
  • Suspension Parts: They improve your comfort as you drive around Seminole running errands. 
  • Silver (Advantage) Semi-Metallic Brake Pads: Steel-strand formulation on these parts provides strength and conducts heat away from the rotor's surface while offering quality braking power.

What are our Common Best-Seller Parts?

Here are some of our typical best-seller parts purchases: 

  • Car batteries: Batteries require a replacement every three to four years, so they are undoubtedly amongst our standard best-selling orders. For instance, the Gold (Professional) Automotive AGM 36-Month Battery.
  • Front brake rotators: Wear and tear happen from regular braking, especially while driving in the city. You can minimize brake wear and attain optimal cooling by purchasing the Gold Enhanced Performance (Specialty) Severe Duty Brake Rotor with a vane configuration. 
  • Brake pads: This part wears out quickly due to the friction it takes to stop the car. Shopping for the OE Brake Pads can help minimize wear and tear because of friction material molded on their braking plate. 

What are our Common Best-Seller Accessories?

Our common best-seller accessories range from floor liners to wheels and cargo management systems. 

  • Floor Liners: Enhance protection for your car's floor by getting Premium All-weather Floor-Liners for precision coverage around the interior trim, driver pedals, door sills, and seat tracts. 
  • Wheels: Combine an appealing appearance around your wheels with extensive development testing by choosing our chrome or black-painted wheels. 
  • Cargo management: Increase your cargo-hauling capacity for those road or camping trips using our Rack Cross Rail Packages and roof-mounted carrier systems. 

Order Your Parts and Accessories from Seminole Chevrolet GMC

At Seminole Chevrolet GMC, we value quality service and car parts. We offer a quick OEM ordering process to help you avoid inconveniences and get you back on the road soon. We source OEMs with excellent warranty packages that will give you peace of mind and enhance your vehicle's longevity. If revamping your car has crossed your mind, you can use our OEM accessories to get precision coverage and improve your vehicle's appearance.

With regular maintenance, you'll be able to keep your vehicle in perfect condition and avoid foreseeable issues. Schedule a maintenance service with us today and restore your vehicle to its optimal performance. Contact us with any queries regarding our OEM parts or visit us to interact and learn more about our parts and accessories.